Where to start on a Botpress channel for Flowdock? (Botpress X)



I am currently creating a Botpress channel to use Botpress via Flowdock flows. I have been looking at the module creation docs for Botpress X, as well as the channels on the archived repo for Slack, Messenger, etc. but am at a loss of where to start. I am new to NodeJS as a whole as well. Flowdock’s API has a NodeJS library which can be used to call the Flowdock API to do HTTP requests, in order to get id’s, user info, and room info.

I have started by trying to follow and code similarly to the Slack channel’s methods and see where the logic is going there, but am at a loss.

What files should I start with/what each component does (index.js, actions.js, index.jsx) and what would I need at a minimum for the bot to connect to Flowdock and maybe create a message in an existing flow? How would I test the channel extension to see if it is communicating with Flowdock aside from it messaging the flow?

Flowdock API: https://www.flowdock.com/api/

Node Flowdock: https://github.com/flowdock/node-flowdock


The facebook channel connector is a great example i would start with index.js