Where do I find the bot ID?


Hi Guys,
Where do I find the Bot ID? I’m using the 10.48 version.
Thanks a lot.


10.48 doesn’t support multiple bots, it’s a feature introuced in 11.x (which isn’t stable yet though).


ok . where can i find bot id?


In 11.x when you create a bot, you have to provide botId for it.


@alex, im working on v11.5.1. but it no where asking to provide botId.
is bot name is bot id? are they same?

where exactly i can provide botId?


Hi @mohankg111, when you open Botpress (http://localhost:3000), you will see the name of your bots, including their description. Click on any of your bot, then take a look at the URL.

It will be similar to this: http://localhost:3000/studio/welcome-bot

Here, the bot ID is welcome-bot. It used to be displayed when you created your bot, but I think it disappeared… We’re gonna take a look. Thanks for raising the issue


You can easily find bot id by going to this path(’\data\bots\BOTNAME’),then open “bot.config.json” file where bot id/ name will be specified in last twol lines.

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