Whatsapp/Twilio/... : Keep us updated


we (and our users) really like Botpress. We use it with Facebook and Telegram at the moment.
However, the lack of Whatsapp support definitely bothers many users. The market share of Whatsapp here in Germany is around 70-80% I think.

It seems like some people are working on this (we rather need an interface to Twilio or similar instead of Whatsapp Business API as they only provide access to big companies).

Are there any updates on that? Is there a possible release date (and for which platform? Whatsapp Business? Twilio? Will Botpress itself provide an interface to Whatsapp?)

We are a team of developers. Maybe there is already an update in the making we can contribute to?

I hope you can provide some information.

Best Regards

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Hi Michael and welcome to the community,

Although it is said “working on it”, it seems it is “planned without ETA”.

Twilio integration is already available for Botpress 10, and I guess you can try to upgrade the code to Botpress 12, the team would be willing to incorporate it into the main code.

I guess others may be interested to help, since this has been asked many times.

Hope that helps,

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Dear asashour,
thanks for your quick reply.
After reading a bit through the Whatsapp Business API documentation, Whatsapp doesn’t seem that interesting anymore. Maybe the following is nothing new to you (for me it is because I never used Whatsapp API before):
Whatsapp only allows answers within 24 hours after a user actively allowed you to message him (for instance: he wrote you a message, typed his phone-nr into some web form, …). After 24 hours this window is closed - you can not freely reply to that user through the API any more.
The only way to contact him proactively afterwards are predefined template messages (individually approved by Whatsapp). Whatsapp says that these template messages could for instance include new status information about packages, etc.
While the first type of messages is free (those within 24 hours), the later one is around USD 0.08 per message in Germany.

Well… Whatsapp seems no option for us as we use Botpress to let users communicate with a non-24/7 helpdesk. The helpdesk only answers Mo-Fr 9-to-5 and some tickets that require further investigation require answering after days/weeks…

I am not sure if everybody here knows about these facts.
Maybe somebody here knows a good workaround/has an idea to not exclude Whatsapp users because of the Whatsapp policies…?

Best Regards