Using the SMS Channel


Is there any documentation for implementation of sms as a channel?


This is a module to integrate Twilio SMS service. Haven’t tried it myself!


Thanks a span. I want to deploy the service by connecting to an sms gateway which is currently just handling in-house customer comms. Alternatively, I can get guys here to translate an MSISDN to alpha numeric characters then use the line in a modem as a channel. The key here is to avoid any third party services and create a fully on-premise solution.


As you may have guessed I work for a telecomms company


Does that SMS-gateway have an API to implement integration?


Hi @DigiSenseiZim, feel free to contact me here or via e-mail ( if you need some help with it.



@alex yes it has a REST API almost identical in build to the Text Magic API


@merilaska Thanks a span I will do so soon as I get a chance to pow-wow with the Sys Dev Architect on the matter


@DigiSenseiZim anyway if you have some urgency, don’t hesitate to reach me out.