Use of iframes for replies?

Is it possible to have the bot respond with an iframe to a website?

Not out of the bot, but you could create a custom component for that, ex:

I figured as much but I’m very confused on what each element means. Like which command shoots messages to the bot so that It communicates. What is a recommended default setup? (structure wise, how should the module be formatted). Also, would this fall under a custom action or would it be a module? So that you could call the iframe component in a flow (same way you choose choice option) when a user triggers an intent. I’ve read the Botpress documents multiple times and searched the forums for similar issues but I’m still very confused on how to implement a custom module.

There are a couple of examples here:

module-templates show two different examples on how to structure modules
custom-component gives a couple of ideas

The Dropdown component is developed as a custom component, and looks much like whay you are trying to achieve:


Your content element will only have an URL, and then in your custom component, you’ll display your iframe opening that url.

Here is the relevant documentation:

Let me know if you need more help !

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Thank you very much!