Unclear instructions on deploying on Heroku


Hello, so maybe this is just because I’ve done something wrong, or there is assumed knowledge that I don’t have, but when I try to deploy my bot to Heroku I’m being told that there are “No images to push.”

I’ve tried my best to follow the instructions here https://botpress.io/docs/deploy/hosting/, and have spent a fair amount of time googling possible solutions for creating the Docker image but It feels like I’m stranded at sea.

I have very little familiarity with both Docker and Heroku so some clarification on how the docker image is created so that it can be pushed to Heroku would be awesome.


Yeah never mind I’m dumb. I named the file DockerFile, rather than Dockerfile.


You’re not dumb, you are a camelCase genius…:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: