Training broken in v12.0.1

Hi guys,

I successfully migrated bots files to v12, but whatever I do, when I’m trying to train my bot, I’m getting error about “No provider could successfully fullfil request “/vectorize” for lang “fr””

Because a picture is better than a thousand words:


Do you host your own language server? This is the case if you’ve defined the “languageSources” property in :


If yes, when starting Botpress, do you have a console error that looks like this ?

Or, again if you host your own language server, have you downloaded french language? To do so, you can go to URL:


Else, if you don’t host your own language server, or if you already downloaded french language, please send us your bot. To do so, you can go to this url:


Click the three vertical dots beside your bot name and the click “Export”.

Hope this information helps.