Too much answers


I am trying to create a quote-bot via botpress V11 and when i run it i had too much quotes but all i need is just one … please help

And this is my logs :


@Dejlaaa There seems to be an error in your action, which mess with the dialog context. Can you share your file builtin/sayQuote ?


as @allardy said or maybe there’s a loop in your flow?


Hey @allardy this is my sayQuote code :

@rndlaine I doubt about it, so i checked the “Wait for user message” to ON and finally i got back just one quote

but also and i got this error :frowning: :

Any idea ?


@Dejlaaa How is built your flow? If it is chained, then it’s normal that you get multiple quotes.

replyToEvent is meant for special use case, which isn’t required in your situation. You could simply set the temp.quote variable in your action, then use a content element to display it:


Then, add a QNA that will send the user on that specific node: