Source Code for Flow Editor


I am interested in reading up the source code of flow editor.

Where can I find jsx / style(s) for it?

I have already gone thru the source code of botpress and botpress modules. I have also gone through the flow manager, which manages the logical flow and provides API.

However, I could not find where the HTML/JSX is for the flow editor. Can someone help?


You can check them here:


I am interested in reading up the source code of flow editor in Botpress v11.5.0
I could not find the folder inside its repo. Can someone please help ?


Not, sure what you mean.
You can find a link to sources above.


Hii @alex !!, I just want to explore the HTML/CSS files of flow editor…like how you people have build such a convenient thing. I am merely a newbie in chatbot development guyss…the flow editor really intrigued me. I am sorry to say that I didn’t understand much from your docs and YouTube channel but I m trying understanding from all of it…

last week I was stuck in intrigating RASA nlu with botpress v11.5 but finally I got it coz of you guyss, Thanks to community! :grinning: