Single Choice Value

I have a tiny question. We know that to access what the user typed we use {{event.payload.text}}. What do we use to access the value that’s passed to the bot when a single choice is selected (The one highlighted in yellow below)?


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The result of skill choice will be stored in temp['skill-choice-ret']. So you can use it as follow: temp['skill-choice-ret'] < 500 or whatever the condition. Just remember that temp gets cleared at the end of the flow.

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Thanks a lot. I will simply store it as another variable with user/global scope then.

It does not work. Below you can see my trying to do as rndlaine explained.

This is a simple flow i created to test it. A message will show what the user chose. This is the flow:

Now, if i try to change the reference of temp[‘skill-choice-ret’] to {{temp[‘skill-choice-ret’]}}, it just does not show anything at all.

I am super new to Botpress. Thanks in advance.

Try {{temp.skill-choice-ret}} instead.

In the flow editor, the {{ }} allows you to access the value only with object.your_key and not object['your_key']


It Works, Thank you Very Much!!