Single choice using message rather than value

I’m having an issue where I have two single choice options given to a user.

“What is a virtual consult” and “Virtual Consult.” The values of both are different, however, both of them lead to the same subflow even though I have mapped them to different subflows.

I’m guessing that it’s taking the message rather than the value, and since the two messages are similar the engine is interpreting them as being the same.

Can you share screenshots of the concerned nodes so we can investigate?
This seems very strange for Botpress to behave like this :thinking:

Sure thing.

As you can see from these screenshots, changing the “What’s a virtual consult?” to “What is that?” Results in the bot going into the appropriate flow.Screenshot_2019-05-29%20Botpress%20Studio%20%E2%80%93%20Ava-Chats(1) Screenshot_2019-05-29%20Botpress%20Studio%20%E2%80%93%20Ava-Chats(2) Screenshot_2019-05-29%20Botpress%20Studio%20%E2%80%93%20Ava-Chats(3)


I’ve run into an issue in another subflow where the messages are “How does it work?” and “How long does it take?” that are running into the same issue.

So, I tried myself and indeed, it mistakes the two responses as the same. I thought that for choices, the corresponding value (virtual, What_Consult, …) was the one used but it looks like Botpress does some NLU to decide.

What is really strange is the fact than in event.payload.payload the correct value is stored but in temp.skill-choice-ret it’s not.

@rndlaine @sylvain @allardy do you know why Botpress behaves like this ?

I think for now this is the best solution. Change the text choice to something Botpress can easily identify.