Self hosted Duckling server


Hi can anyone advise how to do a self hosted duckling server? i had downloaded the duckling files and run stack build. how do i host it on my own as my environment do not have network access. Do i just host the dist file on any hosting platform e.g. IIS then just point the ducklingURL to whatever URL that i have host?


Hello @adrianyang88, it looks like you’re on the right path. Yes, if you built Duckling and run it, all is left is to change the ducklingUrl. Are you having some issues doing that? This is all the documentation we have: . If you still have issues, we’re gonna see if we can make it clearer.



Hi @allardy, In my botpress, it still shows Mod[nlu] [native] [Error extracting duckling entities [error, connect ENETUNREACH]. It dosen’t shows quack! like how i visit instead it shows a Http Error 403.14 - Forbidden.


@adrianyang88 Then there is something wrong somewhere. Sorry, we don’t have extensive documentation about self-setup of duckling. What steps did you took?

Once duckling is built, you should have a file duckling-example-exe somewhere, if you run it, it should start the server