Redeploying to heroku


I was hoping someone might be able to help explain how to update a bot already hosted on heroku?

I’ve followed the instructions in the docs and have my bot up and running on heroku. I’ve made some changes to my bot and want to update the hosted version.

When I try the same CLI commands I get the error “No images to push” when I use “heroku container:push web --app $MY_APP_NAME”

How do I get the new version on my laptop to replace the current one on heroku?

Sorry if this is a simple question - I’m new to heroku and docker.

hi @rjmccormick actually, I’ve not used heroku yet but I’d expect it to work like depicted in the official Heroku docs? Docs for Building and pushing an Image. Make sure to be in the same directory the new Dockerfile is located… After Building and Pushing, you also want to release it to see it in action…

Thanks @crixx - I’ll give it a go!

Hi, did this work? Is this indeed the way to update a botpress instance already deployed to Heroku? Seems like a bit of a hastle.

For example if I change a setting in a global config JSON file, I have to completely redeploy to Heroku just to “publish” that single change in a single JSON file? No git-like way to just publish the changes?

Also, will my existing bots on Heroku be overwritten? Or, if I do not add the data folder to the Docker deployment folder then my bots already on Heroku will stay safe?

I found the official docs to be hard to follow as far as deployment/hosting, wasn’t clear where each topic ended, and there was no info on how to update an existing bot.

Also, if there is a new version of botpress, how woudl I deploy that to Heroku, without destroying my existing bots?

Any pointers much appreciated.