Problem deploying to heroku with docker


hi I have built bots using v11.8.4 but while deploying to heroku I get these errors I’m attaching the screenshots of the working

manojs-Mac:heroku manoj$ heroku git:remote -a zebbie
set git remote heroku to
manojs-Mac:heroku manoj$ heroku container:login
Login Succeeded
manojs-Mac:heroku manoj$ heroku container:push web --app zebbie
▸ No images to push
manojs-Mac:heroku manoj$ heroku container:release web --app zebbie
▸ Expected response to be successful, got 404
manojs-Mac:heroku manoj$

please help!!!

I dont know how to deploy

hi @mjk008 actually I’ve not worked with heroku, but normally the Dockerfile should be called “Dockerfile” without any extension, so cut the “.txt” and try again?

edit: here’s the link to the Botpress Docs regarding Heroku:


Yes bro I deployed but the application is not getting embedded on website when I try to embed the bot on website the console shows error 404 the inject.js file is not found 404 error it seems


Hi @mjk008

Actually I don’t think you build and deployed it correctly, in your first post you showed the logs indicating, that you were not able to build an image and thus nothing was neither pushed nor deployed.

Please provide full logs to allow us to help you…