NLU in flow question


Hello i have a question about the use of NLU. So in the dashboard i added an intent with utterances.

I want to use this intent in my flow: === ‘template’

If a user says something like my utterance redirect to a different flow. Issue i am having is that if i say something that is not in my uttereances i still go to the template flow. I don’t understand did i miss a step?


You need to create 1 more intent which has utternaces which are different from the one you currenty have. This will help NLU categorize into 2 different intents.


[Soufyanbreda] I also having the same problem.What is the exact solution plz reply me…
Thanks in advance


[jainsourabh2] Can you explain me again plz…


@Harikrrish Well the thing is you need 2 intents so i had only one intent but you need to have the alternative so if your intent is ‘leaderboard’ and ‘new game’ you could switch to leaderboard and new game so you have to create a new intent so NLU can categorize into different intents can you explain your issue?


Thankyou for Your reply Msg @Soufyanbreda I am using many intents in my Bot.The actual issue is when user enters texts which are not in any intents, then mybot manually choose a specific intent and reply as per my conditions.
For eg:I have 4 intents each intents contains many utterances.When user enters text which are not in my intents(not in my utterances) then bot choose one of my 4 intents and reply as per the intent conditions.Thankyou.Please help me.


This is a difficult use case i would say try to add de text which are not in your utterances in the intents as you find them or try to help a user by giving examples of text messages


My intent name is differ from my utterances.Then also having the same issue.any other solutions??Thankyou for your response


Can you share your project via github?