My single choice responses disappear


I’m calling this from the flow manager. All the variables are populated and valid. The code after the if(pre_question) runs but the reply is never sent. And, the responses to the single choice just appear for a second and then disappear. So there’s no way to respond. Please help!

async function askQuestion(state, event){

	const {question_id, question, pre_question, response_options} = state.question_info;

		await event.reply('#builtin_text', { text: pre_question, typing: true });
	await event.reply('#builtin_single-choice', { text: question, choices: response_options, typing: true });
	helpers.debug("Success", `Asked Question: ${question} with options ${JSON.stringify(response_options, null, 2)}`);

		question_id: question_id


This is my custom css file. Could this be it? I’m not hiding any of the replies. Once again, it shows up for a bit and then disappears.

.botpress__side-internal, .botpress__side-internal button{
	font-family: Avenir !important;

  display: none !important;

	border-radius: 15px !important;
	border: 1px solid #EAEAEA !important;

	background-color: #575BD8 !important;
	color: white !important;

	color: #C4C4C4 !important;

.botpress__close-button, .botpress__download-svg{
	color: #C4C4C4 !important;

/*Remove this for user input*/
	display: none !important


I don’t think you can answer twice within one action.