Multiple category in QnA

Hello , Is it possible to write a question on the QNA, then assign 2 or more categories to the question?

Hello @kenkaigu,

Yes its possible, however not from the UI. You have to edit your qna file under data/bots/{bot}/qna/{qna}.json and add your category to the category property:

  "id": "16y2ki6wm1_how_many_years_does_a_monkey_live",
  "data": {
    "answers": ["The lifespan of a monkey is 10 to 50 years, depending on the species."],
    "questions": [
      "How many years does a monkey live?",
      "How long can monkeys live?",
      "What is the life span of a monkey?"
    "redirectFlow": "",
    "redirectNode": "",
    "action": "text",
    "category": "monkeys,you_new_category",
    "enabled": true

Make sure the categories are coma-separated. We plan on adding a multi-select dropdown like we did your intents:


Hope this helps!