Multi Language not available


I just watched the latest video about botpress v12 with the cool language feature for jumping from one to another but when I configure a project I don’t have multiple choice for languages, and I can’t see the languages on the editor part

Is this features coming up later ? Or it is not available in the windows version.
Thank you guys !

I’m really excited to test this new version ! You do a fantastic job !

All right my mistake, I missed the documentation about language server…I need coffee.

All right so I installed the language server, I configured it and installed 3 languages, but I still can’t see the languages in the editor panel on the footer ? Am I missing something ?

Hi @babbel!

To see multiple languages in the status bar you will have to add languages to your bot in the “configs” panel. Here’s an example;

Hi Maxime,

I don’t have multiple choice. I can only select a single value

And I have 2 languages downloaded

I forgot to mention that multi-lang is also only available for PRO licenses.

Are you running on a PRO license?


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Oh I see that’s why. Thank you !