Microsoft Teams Integration : How to pass user profile information to botpress

I am integrating my botpress chatbot with microsoft teams for its use from internal team members. It helps users to have 1:1 chat with the bot. I have couple of questions linked to this.

  1. How can I pass the information of the user who is interacting with the bot to botpress? For example the user name, its location etc so that I can further tune the bot to respond based on this profile information. For e.g. based on the location, the bot could respond to the same question in different ways
  2. How can I authenticate & authorize the bot with third party applications that expose rest api’s? Any user interacting with the bot is a authenticated user already since he is able to access microsoft teams hence further asking the user for its credentials in order to make third party application api calls sounds redundant.


Any inputs on the above queries? - @franklevasseur