Many, many, many questions


why when you add pictures to the content it resolves the pictures as localhost not the domain name?

when you have multiple questions in q&a that are similar it gets them confused. if i have two questions: where is this and where is that, if i type where is or where it returns the “last” answer in the list. how do i get it to be more specific about what it wants to answer?

if i have the question “where is pizza?” and “is pizza near me?” it won’t answer both questions. it will only answer “where is pizza?”. if i type “pizza” i get the where is pizza answer. if i type “near me” or “pizza near me” or even the exact question “is there pizza near me?” i don’t get an answer. i can only get the answer for “where is pizza?” why is that?

why do “on enter” events often not work? you load the chat but there is no welcome “on enter” event.

can you provide better documentation about how to create custom content types? you say “here are some typicall examples” but you don’t actually provide nay examples of how to create those custom types. how would a “menu” or “menupage” be different from an existing “text” page? you don’t explain that at all.

why is the documentation different from version to version? you often leave things out that were in previous version of the docs, even though they are still relevant (especially regarding setup and deployment).

are you aware that the environmental variables that you have in the docs are different that the ones in the config files? you’ve changed the names and some aren’t even listed.

How come you can only ask a question to the bot once? If i ask the same question more than once I dont get a reply.


I was about to answer but I think your edit sums it up pretty well.

Edit: thanks for the slightly more respectful edit. Will answer soon


ok lets try this again, ive edited the original post with some questions about botpress so far… im super frustrated. it shouldnt be this hard to just get started. the documentation sucks.