Location of the inject.js file in the project


Hello all,

I am trying to make changes in the project code to make it compatible with internet explorer (document mode 5).
One of the error that I am getting is Object doesn't support property or method 'addEventListener' and it points to the following code snippet from index.js

window.addEventListener('message', function (_ref) { //at this line
  var data = _ref.data;

  if (!data || !data.type || data.type !== 'setClass') {
  document.querySelector('#bp-widget').setAttribute('class', data.value);

But I am now able to find the exact location of the inject .js file this error is referring to. Could anyone please help me with this?


I think it’s here: https://github.com/botpress/botpress/blob/archive/10.x/packages/channels/botpress-channel-web/src/inject.js#L12