Lite fullscreen channel-web URL parameters for proactive action

Is there a way I can add URL parameters to the lite channel-web URL for a proactive action? I know how to do a proactive action while embedding the chat into a web page, but I’d like to call the chat directly from URL into it’s own browser window, but would like to do it with a proactive action.

Using a URL similar to:{"hideWidget"%3Atrue%2C"config"%3A{"botConvoTitle"%3A"Bot%20Emulator"%2C"enableReset"%3Atrue%2C"enableTranscriptDownload"%3Atrue}}

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Same question!:frowning:

Out of the box, that’s not possible. However, it seems to be a frequent request so it may be an interesting feature to add!

We will talk about it and let you know soon