Licensing for botpress ui-studio (flow builder)

Would like to know whether botpress licensing is required if we want to use and modify authentication(roles) and flow builder features. As we have IBM Watson assistant as conversational AI, we are thinking of building/adapting open source flow builder that can be customized and later translate it to Watson structure.

Botpress differences between Pro and Community can be found here.

It says RBAC (Role Base Access Control) and multiple admins is only available with Pro version.

But maybe I don’t understand correctly the question. What you want to do is take some part of Botpress code and adapt it to your need?

Yes, we want to take botpress community edition code, in specific visual flow builder code and customize it for our internal requirement of translating it to IBM Watson workspace.

You can find more about the licensing policy in their FAQ.

Botpress is under both the AGPL license and the Botpress Proprietary License.