Isn't Heroku a little expensive?

I would like to publish my bot soon, now I have looked at the pricing of Heroku. That can get really expensive. Can someone tell me which package to take? Has anyone had any practical experience with Heroku?

I’m asking you, are you really paying $500 for 4GB Ram to Heroku
per month or how do you get your bot online cheaper?

I see you are very active on this forum and that’s really awesome but I have to tell you, this community forum is dedicated to questions about Botpress itself. I’m really excited that you’re about to put your bot in production for sure, but questions like this one doesn’t really belong here, you could probably look up on stackoverflow or even straight to google.

That being said, I know we reference Heroku in the docs but that doesn’t mean you have to stick to it. There are plenty of cloud providers out there, all with different pricing and different services.

Which you the best of luck!

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