Intents aren't picked up unless they are in same form

I thought the bot’s for botpress were supposed to be conversational. Why does the bot not reply when I type “how can I add beneficiary complaints” but it does when I type “add beneficiary complaints”. I’m trying to gain an understanding of why it doesn’t grab main keywords.

Hi there!

It should pick up the intent even if you don’t provide a utterance as is.

Can you confirm us the version you are using?

Also, it would help if you could give us a screenshot of your intent utterances.


I’m currently on v12.02. Thanks for your help!

I think the issue is just that you don’t have enough utterances modeled with the words beneficiary and complaints. Only 1 in 10 utterances have these words, that’s why it’s getting a lower score than the none intent.

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Thank you! That is very true, I will add more intents and update if it still gives me the same error