Intent matching inside skill choice


Hello ! :slight_smile:

I would like to know if it’s possible to have an intent matching when a skill choice is asked.
Actually, in a skill choice, you can match the quicks replies with state['skill-choice-ret'] == "smth" but if in the flow properties I have'smth') transition, it can’t be detected because the skill choice is in progress and it will be detected as a failure of the skill choice (and ask again the skill choice in my case).

I would like to detect every intents of the flow properties even if I’m inside a skill choice. Is it possible ?


A choice is predefined so an intent and logic based on it can be predefined either, can’t it?


I found a solution (if it’s one) : in the otherwise condition of the skill choice, there’s a redirection to a subflow. And, in this subflow, the start node is an intent matching node with all‘my-intent’) things.