install facebook messenger in botpress


Hello, I am having an error when I try to install facebook messenger in botpress, the following error error appears: [notification :: botpress] Error updating Messenger App. Please see logs for details. Please, I need a solution, thank you.


What does the log say?
Also are you trying to install from windows command prompt?
Is there any other message on console?


I have the same problem
This is the logs

I installed the botpress-messenger… the botpress-messenger.config was loaded but i don’t know why it doesn’t work…


You should have installed @botpress/channel-messenger, as described in README


thank you @alex for the answers :slight_smile: but i have already installed the module @botpress/channel-messenger and i configurate my file “channel-messenger.json” like the tuttos.
these screen shots maybe will be helpful for you to help me in my issue…


My localhost looks like :

there is no module named messenger !!


@Dejlaaa, yes, that’s intended behavior. You should configure module via json.


@alex you mean my package.json !!!


No, channel-messenger.json


Have a look @alex