I dont know how to deploy


i dont know how to deploy bots on server i have seen the documentation it is not clear for me and there are no videos too im using botpress server 11.8 how i must deploy when i choose export it is downloaded as a json file please help with this issue


Open the following guide and read it carefully:

  • The easiest way is to deploy to Heroku - read the Heroku section;

  • If you have your own server then read the section: Deploying on AWS manually


i did everything but it shows there is no image file i wrote the correct docker file please help me with it


are there any demos which shows how to export and deploy can you make something for me?? i need this


hello sir please respond its really urgent and im in a need


I’m going to write a few stepts to make sure you are doing things right:

  1. Have a Heroku application ready;
  2. Have a deployment folder with only the data folder from your bot and the Docker file;
  3. Inside the deployment folder you run the following commands
# Login to the container registry
heroku container:login

# This uses your Dockerfile to build the image.
heroku container:push web --app $APP_NAME

# This is the last step, your bot will be available at https://$APP_NAME.herokuapp.com/
heroku container:release web --app $APP_NAME

More details here: https://botpress.io/docs/deploy/hosting/


i did sir but yet its showing no image file to push
FROM botpress/server:v11_8_4
ADD . /botpress
WORKDIR /botpress
CMD ["./bp"]
this is my docker file


Please try with botpress/server:v11_8_0


i did but still not working i have docker installed can you make a screen video?? or screenshots how to do it


There isn’t much to show by screenshots. Have a folder with the data contents and the Dockerfile and you run the 3 commands inside that folder.

When you run container:push the botpress image should start building and the container:release releases the container on Heroku.


im not a tech thats why i asked thanks for the help


manojs-Mac:heroku manoj$ heorku container:push web -app fathomless-woodland-91304
-bash: heorku: command not found
manojs-Mac:heroku manoj$ heroku container:push web -app fathomless-woodland-91304
▸ Error: Requires exactly one target process type, or --recursive option
manojs-Mac:heroku manoj$ heroku container:push web --app fathomless-woodland-91304
▸ No images to push
manojs-Mac:heroku manoj$ heroku container:release web --app fathomless-woodland-91304
▸ Expected response to be successful, got 404
manojs-Mac:heroku manoj$ heroku container:push web --app fathomless-woodland-91304
these are the error messages I get


Hi @mjk008

I’ve already answered your other question. Make sure your Dockerfile is really called Dockerfile, not “Dockerfile.txt”