How to take input from user via form

How to make input form ?
Like Microsoft bot supports adaptive card and hero cards.

As far as I can see, there’s no such option except for login_prompt type.
For web you could try implementing webchat-extensions though.

What about html tags and buttons ?
How to trigger intent on button click?

webchat-extensions support html-tags and buttons.

How to trigger intent on button click?

You could try calling a function that you pass to webchat-extension for it.

@vinayak99999 We’re gonna release an update tomorrow, which will include custom components for the webchat. With these, you can create any type of form and handle user’s answer any way you want. If it doesn’t answers your requirements, we’d love to know what can be ameliorated.


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Hello sir, Was this feature to create forms implemented? I would love to hear your feedback, + how to implement it .