How to setup the PostgreSQL server without the executable?

Hello everyone! So, i am now setting up my bot on my company’s own infrastructure, so i had to use the linux version of botpress. I had to build modules and such “manually” and everything. But when it came to set up the bot to a PostgreSQL server, i got stuck.

The documentation expain it like this:

There are some variables that cannot be set in the botpress.config.json file. These must be either defined as environment variables, or defined in a .env file in the same folder as the Botpress executable.

How do i configure these envrironment variables without the executable folders?

It sounds like you packaged Botpress yourself. Did you download Botpress from our website or did you build it from the source?

What do you mean by “manually”? Botpress 11+ is already packaged when you download it from the website. All you have to do is to run the binary.

You can modify the botpress.config.json in your data/ folder. You’ll see it beside the binary when you download Botpress. Alternatively, you can create a .env file in data/ and declare your environment variables.

I built it from the github repository. When i say “manually” i say because i had to run the yarn build command and such instead of running an .exe in Windows.

This is how the folders look like right now:

I strongly recommend using the binary to deploy in production and not build the source yourself. You won’t be able run a pro license when you build from sources.

But you can find data under out/bp/.

i went into the out/bp/data folder, but i could not find the botpress.config.json. Only the bot.config.schema.json. Where can i find the botpress.config.json file ?

Should i create the botpress.config.json file on my own?

If i have to create this file on my own, could you give me an example?

Here’s the complete path: out/bp/data/global/botpress.config.json