How to sanely incorporate other (scripting) languages


I threw out a Botpress related problem and asked our dev team to give me a workaround. I got 14 responses but the crazy thing is they were written in VBScript, JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, Perl, Tcl, Python, and ASP and most of them ran alongside Java and C++

Now I know I might be just being lazy but I feel there should be a very clearly documented methodology to incorporate other (scripting) languages to solve problems in Botpress. I believe that every programmer has an at least rudimentary appreciation of javascript but not everyone is able to efficiently apply it as a wrapper for other (scripting) languages.

And I keep putting scripting out there because I know that every programmer is proficient in at least one scripting language and can use that to get things connected to whatever other language out there.

I know that this will largely fragment the Botpress community as it will become difficult to monitor and maintain a proper record of all solutions as opposed to sticking to javascript modules but it will ultimately lead to more transparency as code becomes more traceable.

Just a thought, I dont mean to open a can of (fat, long) worms (with teeth)


Modules use the Botpress SDK that communicates with Botpress Core via a Rest API. It could be possible to implement the SDK in every languages and make the appropriate changes to run modules as micro-services. So yeah, everything is possible.

And you’re right about splitting the community. Instead of having one module for one thing, you’d have multiple modules in X, Y, Z languages that does the same thing. Not ideal in my opinion.

So yeah, its an interesting discussion to have and I’m curious to know what the community thinks about it :wink: