How to run my own language server - Botpress v12

I would like to keep everything on premise, and till previous version no single dependency was there, but since I downloaded the last version every time I am getting an error:
“Language server is unreachable, bot wont work properly. Check the documentation to learn how to run your own language server”

But unfortunately, no documentation found for the same.

Any help would be appreciated.

Found it!

For anyone who is facing the same, you should start the built in language server separately by ./bp lang command and then change the configuration file of nlu (nlu.json) located in /data/global/config, value of endpoint of language sources should be “http://localhost:3100” and restart botpress server.

Then from server configuration, language tab you can download the desired language.

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Depending if you want to run it on a dev or production environment, make sure you check the available options (you will want to set authorization and rateLimiting)

Further more, by default language server uses languages models with 300 dimensions embeddings which might end up using a big part of you memory. Botpress offers a smaller (with degraded performances) versions of languages as well. just use the --dim=100 option.