How to integrate Rasa NLU with Botpress v11.4.2?


Hello every one i’m new to Botpress but i had some experience in RASA i already developed one chatbot in rasa . Now i’m try to integrate that rasa nlu with latest botpress 11.4.2. As per document installed and created the rasa config.yaml file and run the command python -m rasa_nlu.server --path botpress -c config.yaml its execute fine.
In other side i had edit the global/config/nlu.json as per follwing

  "intentsDir": "./intents",
  "entitiesDir": "./entities",
  "modelsDir": "./models",
  "provider": "rasa",
  "debugModeEnabled": true,
  "minimumConfidence": 0.3,
  "maximumConfidence": 100,
  "rasaEndpoint": "http://localhost:5000",
  "rasaProject": "botpress",
  "confidenceTreshold": 0.7,
  "ducklingURL": "",
  "ducklingEnabled": true

after i executing ‘./bp’ it didn’t sync with rasa NLU. How to connect my old rasa chatbot NLU with new botpress.

thanks in advance.


@satishAarbor Were you able to integrate botpress v11 with Rasa?

The above approach is an old approach. In the new approach you need to add a before middleware. Refer


You refer recast_nlu.js example right. I know it but i can’t change that recast example to rasa nlu because of i’m new to java script. can you share example for rasa_nlu.js


Check this thread : Is it a problem with Botpress being unstable or with steps used to integrate RASA?

I have posted at the end.


Hi @jainsourabh2
I am trying to integrate Duckliing in my botpress bot but i didn’t figure out how to ?
I have installed the duckling and the message “quack!” is displayed … What’s next ?
Any suggestions ?


@Dejlaaa I used RASA for NLU integration. I haven’t tried with duckling.

However in order to integrate any NLU, you need to add middleware for the same. Please refer below documentation for external nlu integration