How to implement customisations on default.css


Hie folks,

Just wanted to find out how customisations are applied in default.css in


I tried opening the file in a text editor, making a few changes then ctrl+c then ./bp in cli and the file just reverts to the default and throws away my changes.

Am I missing something?

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@DigiSenseiZim That’s a good point, files in the assets folder are overwritten when botpress is started, we will need to talk about that… In the meantime, you can either override the css in the extraStylesheet property, or replace the file once bp is started (the file is replaced during the start-up process).


Thanks mate,

I made a stylesheet and saved it in the same folder. Then edited the extrastylesheet property like so:

extraStylesheet: 'new-theme.css'

No joy there and I am sure the class names and css formatting are correct


@DigiSenseiZim I’ve opened a PR to address this issue, it should be in the next release:

Basically, i’ve added a config for the default css which can be overriden to replace the entire stylesheet instead of only overwriting it.


Splendid! Thanks mate