How to get QnA working?


@Haythamamin, indeed, there’s an error there but we now have a new major version and it’s unlikely we’ll be able to release bugfixes for older versions. Sorry.

As for migration, I’m either trying to migrate one of the bots so once I succeed I’ll try to update docs to share my experience.


I think it would be great to consider supporting bugfixes till V11 is production ready and there is clear documentation on how to migrate, this way the project doesn’t lose steam. “Just an idea!”


@sylvain, what do you think?


@alex I see botpress v10.51.0 can you elaborate on that? Change log showing changes for x and xx


You can open an issue at github for 10.x version. But again, I can’t guarantee it’ll be prioritized.


Hi @alex! I believe that I have found out the problem. I’m using Dialog flow as NLU provider.
if I set native as NLU, works fine, but my bot needs use Dialogflow. Would you test the module with Dialogflow provider?


@lmoralejo, as documentation states, DialogFlow isn’t fully implemented so it may contain bugs.


@alex I understand, but DialogFlow works well for me as NLU. The problem is the combination of QNA and DialogFlow.
Anyway, thank you very much for your answers!