How to get Flow Engine?


Hi, I’ve own chatbot with java and angular 1.
I wanna integrate just flow editor with my bot. But i couldn’t.
How can I embed it to my project ?

Thanks a lot.


I’m sorry but you can’t use the Flow Editor as a standalone. I don’t know how complex your bot is but if it is custom made in java it probably wouldn’t be to much of a hassle to port it in Botpress.


Thank you rndlaine,
Okay I decided using botpress screens with my NLU .
Can I do this ? Not sure.


Actually I want to use my NLU on botpress, not Rasa or Recast .
How can i implement to botpress ?
Thank you man .


So Botpress has its own native NLU now, you should definitely try it!

If you want to use your NLU, you should create a hook like we did here recast hook and here rasa hook and map your NLU properties to those of Botpress. You should expose your NLU through an API if thats not already the case.

Hope this helps!


Thank you so much man. Got it! :blush:
Last one;
I want to control the emulator mechanism.
can I debug the receiving message and sending message (by dialog) ?


Not sure if this is what you mean but you can use the debug tool and activate bp:middleware.

Or you can just run botpress with DEBUG=bp:middleware* yarn start or DEBUG=bp:middleware* ./bp if you’re using the binary. This allows you to see the inner workings of the incoming and outgoing events.


Firstly thank you again for your help and kindness.
Actually i didn’t mean this . Maybe debug on Visual Studio Code. For instance, when user wrote something on emulator I want to control the message or do something with it before engine reply.
Can I do this ?