How to create an Action Button and Redirect to another flow



I have created an action button by adding this line “builtin_action-button” in data\bot\botname\bot.config .json. And I’m trying to navigate another flow when the user click on this action button. But the action button is not displaying even if I add it in the main flow. @allardy Could you please help me to resolve this issue?

PFB screenshot for reference.


Did you save the flow after changes? Because I can see * over main file


Hi @vinayak99999 , I have saved the flow but still I’m not able to see action button. I guess it’s a bug :frowning:


@shmanoj16 The action button isn’t meant to be used by itself actually. Click on Insert skill, then pick Choice. There you can create a single choice item, and use that in your flow


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I added a Card and Carousel and each has an option to add action buttons. I need to redirect to another flow when button is pressed, and/or change the node and/or trigger a custom action. So far, I see 3 types of actions possible, Open URL (working properly), Say something (not working as it opens a blank tab), Postback (not working as it opens a blank tab).

Seems that Say something and Postback are not working but opening some URL that is blank. Also, when rendered in both it ways NO LINK for some reason.

How can I achieve that? Is it possible to use Postback and define a specific payload to trigger another flow or node? What would the payload be in these cases?