How to create a simple Q&A


hai everyone!!! I am new to the BotPress. I have installed latest version of bp which is (BotPress Server 11.5.1 ) I’m trying to create simple Q&A bot. I have created some sort of questions and answers, if i type exact question in chat emulator then the bot did’t give any reply, Why ? on that time i got an error in my bp console server like “DialogEngine End Flow” and if i type the same question in admin chat emulator it showing “Stack Trace” error (image mentioned bellow).
2. And one more question, without flows diagram can we make Q&A ? or should Flows (flows properties & node properties) are needed for Q&A module ? thanks in advance


Are you still getting an error on 11.6 version?


no, it was cleared. Thank u for ur reply.

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