How to copy bot / flow from one version to another version


Hi All,

Consider that I have created one bot (named: test) in Botpress v11_5_0 and I have upgraded to Botpress v11_6_1. Now I need ‘test’ bot in v11_6_1, how can I do that? I have tried to copy the bot folder from ‘data\bots\test’ v11_5_0 to ‘data\bots\test’ v11_6_1. But it’s not working :frowning: Help me to resolve this issue.

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@shmanoj16 You can copy the bot folder to the new version, but you still need to edit the file data/global/workspaces.json and add your bot’s name in the list of bots:

    "users": [
    "bots": [


Thank you so much @allardy it’s working perfectly :slight_smile: