How to change time between 2 nodes

My bot is running too fast. How can I change time in between 2 nodes?


There is already an action that does exactly what you want.

It’s called wait. Here is an example of a 2 seconds (2000 milliseconds) delay.

You should add this action in the On Enter section:


Hope this information helps!


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Should it work on the emulator as well?

thank you.

Yes it works on emulator as well!

Yes it does! I had to reload of course. sorry

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Related to the above, is the a config value to change “typing speed” of the bot? When there is a little longer chunk of text, it shows “Typing…” for a short flash and then BAMM the long text appears. It would be good to be able to adjust that at the config level to make it feel more natural.

Or even better, it would be great if the length of time that “Typing…” is shown would be relative to the number of characters that are about to be sent to the user by the bot.


This is an interesting idea, but not the main focus of Botpress for now. If you really need it and you are confortable with Typescript programming, then you can fork the botpress repo on github and propose a PR. We’ll be glad to review it!