How to attract new users and make botpress more popular



I’m really interested in creating chatbots with botpress. However, I’m a beginner in JavaScript and NodeJs and I don’t have a lot of experience.

Personally, I prefer using videos to learn and I find there are not enough video tutorials on building chatbots with botpress. Botpress Youtube channel is almost empty.

Also, I searched Youtube and I could not find any good tutorials from other users who would be willing to share their knowledge.

As far as I can see the community of botpress developers is very small and I think releasing more video step-by-step tutorials and learning materials would bring more people who would be willing to develop chatbots with botpress.

Are you planning to release more video tutorials and learning materials?


Hi @Marius,

Yes, there are plans on releasing video-tutorials, but not sure about timeframe for that.

As for beginner, I’d still recommend you not to rely on videos but more on try-fail-retry approach, googling errors you are getting and reading books. This is less convenient, but gives much more output from my experience.


Any book suggestions? I googling a loot but no luck finding a book specifically about botpress.


i don’t think there is a book available try the examples on the github page and the docs online also this tutorial

is a great one to follow


@Marius I was once very eager to learn botpress like you and anticipated that botpress is a real game-changer. But it has an almost flat learning curve for anyone save the most skilled and seasoned Javascript dev (I’m talking 3 years of on the job experience ask @dmk23 who had a hell of a time collaborating to make vital changes to the messenger module which was a bit obsolete to say the least.).

Looks like the folks behind botpress are more keen to develop it than to make it user friendly by explaining how to get stuff done programatically. Very powerful GUI for the layman wishing to create basic bots but very frustrating for the dev trying to develop on existing functionality and add bespoke code to it for, say, lead generation or something similarly pertinent to profitability.

The novelty is the team admits that their docs suck but the code behind botpress is quite elegant. I try and gently coerce them to improve the docs by posting seemingly stupid questions (to the seasoned developer). But it just doesnt seem to work (see question I posted pertaining to the analytics module. All I wanted was a step by step tutorial on how to add custom analytics and all I got was a slightly refactored

What I suggest is you download every new version, clone every repo, save them somewhere safe and watch. There is every likelihood that after Botpress Server the guys behind the project are going to turn capitalist and build a Quebec venture to fully exploit the fruits of their efforts. Thereafter you can use the tons of free code that you would have downloaded to figure out the workings of their code and bend it to your whims.

For now don’t expect anything from Botpress save for VERY well written code. The only way you are going to even remotely benefit from it is by learning and practicing JavaScript. Take their optimistic responses about improving docs with a little salt. The guys writting the docs assume that everyone who reads them has been writting code for years. If they were really keen we would have seen developments in that direction. In fact Botpress has the capability to supercede everything from MSBotFramework to Watson to Chatfuel. But they just churn out the same obscure, brusque tutorials for every version with very minor changes in diction and information delivery and a very rigid set of recycled visual tools (For example the same screenshots explaining actions from five years ago with all changes ignored)

I subscribe to their threads on Github so that I know the real active brains behind the project. When the time comes for me to integrate Botpress to my A.I/M.L/Automation stack I will do so and engage the important devs. For now its just for spin-off side projects for customers with low volume of clients and elementary needs. As soon as there is a stable Botpress Server with all the fundamental modules I will probably launch a few paid courses to generate a few quid of static income on the side and also disect it thouroughly to see how it works.

So I suggest you learn more Javascript and be very grateful for the humongous contributions these guys are making to the world of open source. This project is probably numero uno right now in terms of churning out free, simple, readable, modular, efficient, well layered and clear code. Its just the docs which totally suck.

Good luck!