How to attract new users and make botpress more popular



I’m really interested in creating chatbots with botpress. However, I’m a beginner in JavaScript and NodeJs and I don’t have a lot of experience.

Personally, I prefer using videos to learn and I find there are not enough video tutorials on building chatbots with botpress. Botpress Youtube channel is almost empty.

Also, I searched Youtube and I could not find any good tutorials from other users who would be willing to share their knowledge.

As far as I can see the community of botpress developers is very small and I think releasing more video step-by-step tutorials and learning materials would bring more people who would be willing to develop chatbots with botpress.

Are you planning to release more video tutorials and learning materials?


Hi @Marius,

Yes, there are plans on releasing video-tutorials, but not sure about timeframe for that.

As for beginner, I’d still recommend you not to rely on videos but more on try-fail-retry approach, googling errors you are getting and reading books. This is less convenient, but gives much more output from my experience.