How to access Chat emulator from localhost to other device


Hi there, I want my friends to test the bot which I’m building in my laptop. I tried using ngrok to expose the link but it isn’t working with chat. I constantly changes the url to localhost:3000 in remote systems. Can anyone help me out on this?


send him your project and let him start it


@Soufyanbreda that’s not an option.


@NikhilJoshua If you expose your bot externally, please set the configuration externalUrl in the configuration file.


@allardy I’m not able use chat emulator remotely. Is there any other way to chat with the bot?


@NikhilJoshua You need to set the external url in the configuration so botpress knows what is the url required to access it from the outside world.


@allardy in can you access this? The chat icon is not available if we are not logged in. Can I set a guest user for remote devices automatically so it can directly work?


@NikhilJoshua The URL isn’t correct in the source code of the webchat:


Also, there is a known issue with the latest version and the embedded webchat, which will be fixed in the next release, which will come shortly


@allardy ok I’ll do some changes and send it



I changed the url to


@NikhilJoshua Yes, that will be okay, when the next version is released. There is an issue with 11.6.1 currently, which is the error 401. If you log on the admin UI, it will work


@allardy Please do it ASAP, I need it urgently, I’m working on my graduation project and the submission date is very close.

Here’s my github link:


@allardy and one more thing, whenever I click on new session the browser goes blank. I have to reload it again. Hope this will also get fix in next release


@NikhilJoshua The fix is already in master, if you are in a hurry you can clone the repo and build it. It will be released when tests are completed. The fix for the new session is there also


That’s great, so if I build now will my present data be in same folder? or should I back up them



It doesn’t start for some reason

Update: Nevertheless I made it work some how thanks for the help