How do I go about scheduling a single choice question?


The scheduler module is kind of confusing. I have some single choice question and responses data in the database that I want to ask. How do I go about scheduling it?

I was thinking that I call a custom action method from the scheduler and then in the action method in actions.js I “send” a single choice response, but how do I send a single choice question from code?



I’d recommend you checking example in the recipe.


Yes I’ve taken a look. But the problem is that for single choice responses I want to then store the response in a separate table in the database to the question. How do I do that? I have to no access to the question anymore.


Can I call an action method that is in the code from the scheduler?


I can’t see connection with scheduler here. But yes, you can try implementing an action storing answers in DB.
Actually they are stored in DB, so I’d recommend you to check the tables.