How can I integrate Duckling in my bot?


Hi how can I use the Duckling in my bot to recognize the date ?

How can I integrate it in my bot ? Any steps to follow ?


Hie did you get anywhere with this. For most botpress use-cases, the community is the documentation so pardon me. I just don’t want to start doing something that has been done already


@Dejlaaa Botpress has native support for duckling. Have a look at the <data_dir>/global/config/nlu.json file and you can change the Duckling URL there.


Thank you @sylvain for the response. I have already change the duckling URL to “ducklingURL”: “http://localhost:8000”, the Mod[nlu] [Native] is working too on my 8000 port.
I am asking how can I recuperate some words like today and it return “13/05/2019”…

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