How can botpress bot give welcome/greetings message on opening of emulator/chat window

I am working on a bot in Botpress.
Whenever I enter some text in the emulator,Then only my bot first node get executed and replies back.
I want the bot to say greeting message/any text at the start when i open emulator.greetings

As provided in the image I don’t want to type hi or some text first.
Bot should proactively give “Hi,I am Insurance support Assistant.Do you want to”

Is there any way I can do it.

As soon as one opens a webchat you need to send an event and then use a hook to handle this event.

Check this document link for more information.

Thanks for the answer @abhisheksimion
what i see from the link you have given,is adding the code provided in html page.
I am not embedding the bot with website.I want to see in botpress emulator.If this way it has to be done,Where can i add the html page inside botpress bot folder structure.
and how can i execute it.

@akmfx : I have not tried this, but most probably this should be added to channel-web’s full.bundle.js file.


Let me know how this works for you.