HITL with email workflow

Hi, I read the tutorial about HITL, but there’s still something I do not understand. Would be so kind to give me more directions? Thank you in advance, and thank you for creating botpress.

The behaviour I would like to create follows:

  1. The user asks the bot something, on Facebook Messenger
  2. The bot decides to pass the conversation to a human
  3. The bot tells the user an operator will answer shortly
  4. The bot automatically pauses the conversation, it doesn’t answer the user anymore
  5. The agent receives an email alerting that the user is in HITL
  6. The agent has a conversation with the user via the administrator panel
  7. The agent manually unpauses the conversation
  8. As soon as the conversation is unpaused, the bot sends a specific message

Sorry for being detailed, but each of those steps has some hurdles, in particular the point number 4 and 5 . Which files I have to change, and how? At the end of this conversation, I would love to help improve the tutorial with the new info.

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