Ghost-sync stopped working


Hi @alex or anyone else,
I need help!! I am using bp 10.51.10

ghost-sync stopped working after changing ip address to subdomain names with https. It was working before.


λ .\node_modules.bin\botpress ghost-sync
[botpress] Checking your login status with
[botpress] ERR Request failed with status code 404
[botpress] WARN Login is required for this operation, exiting now.

Please help!!!

and also after using domain redirect to ip and https, I cannot browse the website anymore. It kept saying “Forbidden”.

Can some please help me asap??? Thank you very much.


You can try running botpress ghost-sync some.ip.add.ress.


Thank you very much for your reply @alex. It works!!! :smiley: Sorry about all the question. I am a beginner on this platform. :smile: