Get more users to use Botpress by improving docs


The whole objective of communities is to ensure that efforts are not duplicated, to help on-board contributors and users and to make usage as straightforward as possible. As for video tutorials, these are both necessary and essential. We have a whole slew of learning management systems whose content is based on video tutorials. Udemy, LinkedIn and if you wanna say thats maybe not for programmers, look at the success of coding schools leveraging on videos like Treehouse and the like. You need to dedicate resources to de-obfuscating usage

Botpress is brilliant. Its contributors are intelligent. But the targeted users have barely any support. The documentation is as unclear as milk. The youtube channel has eight videos with only one really useful video posted a few days ago. And you aint telling us how to do anything. Just how pieces of it work. Take messenger integration for instance. Messenger is part of almost all bot stacks but you simply pulled the gui where I insert all variables away and now I have to do the try-debug-retry dance which is an absolute waste of time. You suggest search engines but courtesy starts at home dont you think.

And come-on guys. I know you want to seperate content and developer roles. But why are you trying to make developing such a big secret. I am sure you could even put a section on the gui with a text editor and cli. The try-edit-retry route is just too unnecesary. We dont have time for that, we want to push projects in the shortest space of time and we want learning material that is topic specific and that introduces us to all the important features of botpress. This is very easy to do. You demonstrated that yourselves four days ago on youtube. Screen capture, text to voice and a 15 minute investment and bang you have a video that is really helpful. Compare the (theoretic) number of very capable js coders out there to the number of people who use botpress and the learning gap will become very clear especially considering how long botpress has been around.

So please, indulge your users and you will be chaffed at how many developers will assimilalate Botpress into their botstack.


Hey @DigiSenseiZim, we are trying to improve documentation over the time, but yes it’s not ideal now. Sorry for that. :frowning:


Spoke to my boss and discovered that we have a facility which funds open source projects. If there is a way we can get some good documentation but you need money for it lets discuss. This project is excellent.


Hi buddy, I just read your comment and I agreed absolutely. Botpress seems to be a so nice platform but for me, it is unbelievable it lacks simple comprehensive tutorials.
Did you find something since your last post?


No my friend I barely found anything. But I learnt Javascript via Treehouse and I am in talks with my class of that time so that we can make tutorials for Botpress so that we at least cover all the functionalities that are ESSENTIAL for a good bot.

We won’t be publishing modules or anything but demonstrating comprehensively how to add functionalities like emailing actions, querying postgres database, using tags to display more analytics graphs, building feature rich web forms and all the other good stuff.

To get returns on this, we will post the courses on the most popular learning management systems out there for a year or two and if the uptake is enough to fund a good hosting service we create our own LMS website (free of course) to teach bot making.

Currently I personally feel that Botpress is so underated simply because of lack of good tutorials and documentation. I think even the most seasoned programmer prefers to hear a soothing human voice explaining things, drawing illustrations, typing out code e.t.c. rather than “reading”

But I really encourage you to keep on learning and practicing. The Botpress API Reference is particularly instructive. And I strongly suggest that you make friends with @dmk23 @alex and @dmytropanontko These are the three most friendliest, intelligent and dedicated developers in the community (in my books that is)


I hope after 11.x gets stable we’ll be able to focus on documentation and tutorials.
I agree they aren’t in the best shape (event though we spent time making them better this year).


@alex I realised going through the docs that you indeed did some major works on the docs. Thanks a lot. Really much appreciated. From the looks of things they are coming out clearer and although I get some 404’s on google searches I usually get around to the info I want using a cool Firefox Nightly search add-on I recently discovered.

Also please overkill on the code examples. I know for a fact that most developers prefer tweaking to creating. (After all we are ‘developers’ and not ‘originators’ so we love developing whats already there. And I can also see the community starting to come together in interactions.


yes the documentation sucks. its bad enough that im most likely will not use botpress and will find a different product that actually has documentation.