Flows: Transitions, Variables and Slots


I have three questions on flow implementations:

  1. Can I transition to a specific node in a specific flow. From the interface I can only transition to a subflow but not to a specific node in that subflow.
  2. Can I save the user choice in a variable when I use the choice skill. From 11.7.x the option to add a single choice in a flow was removed and now exclusively works on the choice skill. This means inclusion is onIy possible by manipulating the xxx.flow.json file which is finnicky and time consuming.
  3. What is the slots skill for? Is there any documentation? I couldnt find anything on that in the few searches which I conducted.

Thank you.


Hello @DigiSenseiZim,

  1. Yes you can, but not from the interface. You can create an action and use the jumpTo() method from the SDK.
  2. You can save the variable after your choice by using the builtin/setVariable action. This might be annoying if you have to save the response for multiple choices. We could modify the choice so that you can choose the output destination… but I’ll be honest with you, I don’t think its a high priority atm. Please post a feature request on Github and we’ll check it out.
  3. Slot Skill was added very recently and has not been documented yet. Its a skill that helps with slot filling. Let’s says that you have an intent with some slots that you want to fill. e.g. “I want to book a flight from Montreal to New York City”. This intent has two slots: “from” and “to”. You can use the skill to ask: “From where are you departing?” or “Where are you going?” and add a message when the input is not what is expected, set maximum number of retries or add custom validation via an action. This will all be documented very soon :slight_smile:
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Thanks mate!

Will try all that out and see how it gels. For number 2 I will simply modify the choice skill itself (That’s legal right)


I’ve written a quick tuto for the slot skill if you’re interested. It will be merged soon (for 11.9). Images links will be broken on github though :neutral_face:

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Thanks a span mate! I had quite a number of implementations of this skill during the past few days. Indispensable. Funny how you only find a use case for something when you have it and never before its invented.


The Slot Skill tutorial is up at https://botpress.io/docs/tutorials/skill-slot/.

Let me know if there are things to clarify :wink:

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