File upload in Heroku container deployment

Hi, I am using Botpress 11.5. BOTPRESS.FILE_UPLOAD as payload works for localhost and it appears in the ‘uploads’ folder.

However, for Heroku container deployment, the file does not seem to get uploaded anymore. I noticed that there is no default ‘uploads’ folder so I created one in the same directory as the Dockerfile and ‘data’ folder. I used the Heroku console and ran: find . -name uploadedfile.txt and there are no results. Are there any configurations I am supposed to set or is it actually somewhere that I am not aware of? Thanks!

When you deploy to production, you probably run it with production flag -p along with a database. The file upload uses the database when running botpress in production mode. Botpress doesn’t currently offer a way to configure which file-types are saved on disk and which in the database but that might come in further releases.

Thanks for the response! I bypassed the issue eventually by using an S3 Bucket.